"Uncertain Spaces &   
   Obscure Views" 2016

"Uncertain Spaces" 2016

"Still City" 2015

"Overlooked" 2015

"Stillness" 2015

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"UNCERTAIN SPACES" At APG Works, 31st March - 11th April 2016

As this was the first solo show that I have had in a while I devoted a lot of time in creating a show website for this body of work.

See the "Uncertain Spaces" show website here - www.uncertainspaces.blogspot.co.uk

To see all the paintings in the show see - www.uncertainspaces.blogspot.co.uk/p/paintings-page.html

Images of how the show looked inside the gallery can be seen here - link

A Facebook event page was created here -www.facebook.com/events/484951191688992


One of the posters for the show One of the posters for the show Posters on the wall of APG Works Postcards Online graphic 01 Online graphic 02 Online graphic 03 Painting inside the gallery

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